Dancer shows what is was like to come out of his shell, through the lens of dance.

Miles & Aimee Harrison from atomic attic turn the old iconic and colorful iMac desktop computers into cozy, handcrafted bed for pets.

"If Only For A Second" Cancer patients reactions to these unique makeovers. 

Artist creates Nelson Mandela tribute art with 27,000 punches, click here to see the video.

'Disabled' Mannequins remind us that beauty doesn't necessarily mean 'perfect.'

Renowned contemporary Chinese artist Cai Giuoqiang takes visitors to the Queensland Art Gallery on an immersive journey, with 99 life-sized replicas of animals, water and sand to create this contemplative scene.

The Time You Have (in JellyBeans) What will you do with your time?

When Luigi Prina was 16 years old he entered and won a national aircraft modeling competition. When he went to collect the prize money the organizers asked the boy why his father couldn’t come and collect it himself. Nearly fifty years later he is still dedicated to building model boats, more specifically flying boats and bicycles.

Introducing Song 4K, four times the resolution of standard 1080, approaching 4,000 pixels, 4K “Ultra HD” – 3840 x 2160 – considered to be the future of consumer television. 

For the recently opened “Disco Volante” pizzeria in Vienna, Austrian architect Lukas Galehr designed this huge gigantic reflective disco ball that rotates.

Introducing the cat candle that melts into a skeleton. These interesting candles were made in 2011 and became an online hit, and now the designers are back with a new range being sold via kickstarter.